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The unique happening...

The unique happening that changed the course of my life- that crowns all religions and seeking of yoga by actualizing the experience of yoga-THE UNION is through Kundalini awakening by Sahaja Yoga meditation technique.

This technique transformed me. I had number of questions in my mind, and after sincere meditation my queries dissolved and I came out with the blessings of pure knowledge, which was more practical than theoretical. It simplified my life because now I could understand what and how things to be done? I became my own master in real sense. I became decisive.

I had number of physical ailments by regular meditation I got rid of them and now I am perfectly fine, sound and enjoying life with more freshness and happiness. There are number of experiences but words fail to express thanks again and again to founder of Sahaja Yoga - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

This unique happening is called Self Realisation.It opens the door to a new dimension in human awareness.
Since I have been benefited and transformed ,why donít you , its free of charge.

Experience It now

All Sahajayoga programs are entirely free of charge & always open to the public.For more details visit our official website -